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Hidetoshi Nagasawa

Passage Through Time 1969-2017

October 10 - January 31, 2023
Cardi Gallery London

Installation view
photo credit: Michael Brzezinski

Hidetoshi Nagasawa
Hidetoshi Nagasawa

Cardi Gallery is proud to present Passage Through Time. 1969-2017, its first retrospective dedicated to the late Hidetoshi Nagasawa (Manchuria, China 1940 – Milan, Italy 2018). Japanese by birth, with his family, he fled from China to Japan during the war and would later undertake a long bike trip through Asia and Southern Europe. He would eventually settle in Milan in 1967. There, he met several prominent Italian artists: Enrico Castellani, Luciano Fabro, Mario Nigro and Antonio Trotta. In 1979, he opened, along with Fabro and Joe De Sanna, the Casa degli artisti, a gathering place for young artists to exchange ideas. 

 Deeply influenced by both his native and adoptive cultures and striving to bridge the gap between two distant yet similar worlds, Nagasawa never limited himself to a specific medium. The exhibition, developing over four floors of the gallery space, presents a selection of thirty-four works created between 1969 and 2017, demonstrating the artist’s exceptional ability to master materials and balance gravity.


22 Grafton Street
W1S 4EX - London - UK

Hidetoshi Nagasawa