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Pino Pinelli was born in Catania in 1938. Inspired by the slightly older Zero artists, Pino Pinelli’s work encapsulates the desire of the era to alter the existence of traditional painting. Through the creation of mixed media geometric forms, he eliminates the presence of the canvas in its usual form while still hinting at the idea of a painting. His work often comprises of multiple brightly monochromatich elements, which hanf on the wall and yet give the impression of a canvas that has been melted or deconstructed. Pinelli’s work challenges the traditional idea of painting by creating works that mimic either outlines or geometric trails, and by ultilizing the materials themselves to give solidity to the artwork. The art work in its actual form is transformed through Pinelli’s ideas, and thereby lays outside the confines of specific media. By combining simple geometric shapes and predominantly primary colors, Pino Pinelli has created a unique artform that cannot comfortable be categorized and yet serve sas powerful minimalist statement.

Pino Pinelli