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Advisory services

Cardi Gallery endeavours to:
  1. Provide a fortnightly Catalogue of works available on the market that the Gallery deems of interest for the Client.
  2. Carry out, upon clear request placed by the Client, all due diligence concerning the chosen artwork(s) featured in the Catalogue and/or of other artwork(s) picked by the Client independently from said Catalogue.
  3. Safeguard the full anonimity of the interested Client while due diligence is carried out.
  4. Inform the Client regarding current customs status of the artwork(s) in object, and advise on local taxation and all relevant import procedures.
  5. Be involved in the purchase, sale or possible auction of the artwork(s) as a proxy of the Client, solely upon direct request from the Client and when given formal proxy authorisation and full instruction.
  6. Offer assistance for the organisation of archives, as well as art storage and shipments.