Ludovico Einaudi Concert at Royal Albert Hall London, 2010

Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi is renowned worldwide for his cathartic compositions that transcend the lines between musical genres, fusing Pop and Rock with Classic sound. As a pupil of Italian modernist composer Luciano Berio Einaudi’s oeuvre was associated early on with experimental modern synthesis. Following the release of his two albums “Cloudland” (2009) and “Nightbook” (2009), Einaudi announced a significant orchestra tour through Europe and Northern America. This tour included one of the most acclaimed performances of his career at the “Royal Albert Hall” on the 2nd of March in 2010. Memorable for its sequence of stunning acts, including some of his most famous compositions such as “Divenire” and “Primavera”, the evening became ultimately immortalised through the release of the album “Royal Albert Hall” (2010) featuring the live recording of the performance.

Ludovico Einaudi’s work has established itself as fundamental to today’s musical landscape, offering a magical escape once immersed in his extraordinary compositions.

His most recent project is the release of a new album including 12 songs that Einaudi newly recorded at his home in Italy during self-isolation. Titled “12 Songs From Home”, Einaudi expressed his urge to continue creating throughout this global pandemic: “This new release is the memory of those home live concerts, my memory of this time, the memory of a strange and new atmosphere that we won’t forget.”