Frieze New York Online

May 06 - May 15, 2020

Frieze New York Online

Cardi Gallery is proud to present Regular Irregular, bringing together a selection of thirty works by international post-war masters and contemporary artists, produced between 1963 and 2013.

Some of the artists included in this viewing room have created a canon, and work systemically producing ruled patterns that repeat to expand the confines of the painterly space. Dots and lines populate the canvases of Thomas Downing, Damien Hirst and Greg Bogin, while the gaze of the viewer gets lost in the depths of Thomas Bayrle’s water bottles maze and is confounded by the almost optical stripes of Bernard Frieze and the minute appropriated flowers of Mimmo Rotella’s artypos, in the humorous pie charts of Greg Colson or in the architectures of Vera Lutter.

Repetition is intrinsically dual, it is mechanical – or mechanical-looking in the calculated lines of its products – and gestural, performative, exceeding the bounds of geometry. It can manifest itself through a sequence of rhythmic actions where the visual actualisation of such rhythm is ruptured. The dots become coloured irregularities on perspex in Helmut Dorner. Brushstrokes are interrupted by a solid, colour block-like line in Claudio Verna; a blue cover wrapping a silver background creating yet a different visual break in Peter Peri. Expressionist lines are carved into a metal surface in Rudolf Stingel, while a rich vocabulary of marks populate Mauricio Gonzales’s canvas. The rupture is fully embodied by Shozo Shimamoto, with his outbursts of colour literally crashed onto paper or canvas.

Moving at the threshold between patterns in abstraction and figuration are Nicolas Pol and Diego Singh with their fantasy figures. In this fantastic world of the irregular at the edges of the portraiture canon are human-like individuals of mysterious appearance (Markus Schinwald), film and advertising stars (Mimmo Rotella), models (David Salle) and deity-like figures (Ashley Bickerton) that develop three dimensionally exceeding the confined space of the pictorial support or become sinister tableaux (Jake and Dinos Chapman).

  • Thomas Bayrle
  • Ashley Bickerton
  • Greg Bogin
  • Jake and Dinos Chapman
  • Greg Colson
  • Helmut Dorner
  • Thomas Downing
  • Bernard Frize
  • Mauricio Gonzalez
  • Damien Hirst
  • Vera Lutter
  • Peter Peri
  • Nicolas Pol
  • Mimmo Rotella
  • David Salle
  • Markus Schinwald
  • Shozo Shimamoto
  • Diego Singh
  • Rudolf Stingel
  • Claudio Verna